Andrew Yates Photography | About

My love of photography started with my first camera, a Kodak Brownie, at the tender age of six, rapidly developing into a passion to capture all those moments in time. I followed my dream and studied fine art and then photography and design. Here I learnt to see the art of composition from behind the lens which ultimately changed the way I look at the world.

Next I fed my yearn to travel broadening my horizons where of course my camera was never far from my side! I landed back in London and in 1990 AYP was born. My debut was in fashion and editorial photography which then evolved to include people and portraiture. My personal life drew me to Scotland and here I faced the new and exciting world of digital imaging ... my new subject was the great outdoors with all its inhabitants but the challenge was to establish a look and feel to my work that retained the spirit and depth of film photography.

The next chapter in life has developed a base in Salisbury and a further evolution of my style. I have embraced the fine art Giclee printing process which I feel works so well with my style, helping to bring out the life and depth that I see from behind the lens. Its still that magical moment for me when I capture a split second in time that I can share with you as a photograph.